Social Media Launch Announcement
The Social Network for Ideation will Help Connect Idea-Creators with Idea-Seekers
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Yethminds Social Network — with token (yETM). Yethminds is a social network that makes a difference when it concentrate to content, creating a platform that helps to create content and any other individual users unleash their creativity.
Yethminds users can earn rewards from their own posts as well as those of other users when they interact with the article, share it, make comments, or watch a video. Yethminds will split 75% of advertising revenue for users in 3 years from launch date
With the rapid growth of the Internet, consumers find everything in just one click. Yethminds is a place that connects creators and those looking for ideas in a global community. A lot of them have ideas. Regardless of age, education, sex, race, or religion. And there are many businesses that need ideas. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second…
As the social network for ideas, Yethmids will connect the people with ideas — they’ll be called “Scouts” — with businesses or the “Boss” who need them. The core strategy of Yethmids is to enable and encourage global collaboration between people from all walks of life and communities. Joining Yethmids will be free for Scouts and will include a monthly / annual subscription to the Bosses
Yethmids values ​​everyone’s privacy and we will never share user data! At Yethmids, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we refine it. We firmly believe that an ideal social network must first serve and enrich content creators — users, not just owners as most social networks today has been established.
We’re up and running and we invite everyone to try it!
To learn more about yethminds, please visit